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Convert Files — 18 March 2021

Convert Files

Convert Files has following features: 

  • Convert pdf files to text files 
  • Convert xlsx files to csv files
  • Convert bmp files to jpg files and vice versa
  • Convert bmp files to png files and vice versa
  • Convert png files to jpg files and vice versa
  • Convert mp3 files to wav files and vice versa 
  • Convert mp3 files to wma files and vice versa
  • Convert wav files to wma files and vice versa 
  • Convert mp4 files to avi files and vice versa
  • Convert mp4 files to wmv files and vice versa 
  • Convert avi files to wmv files and vice versa
Password List Generator — 17 March 2021
CRM 365 Tool — 15 March 2021
AWS S3 Tool —
Bitcoin Tool —

Bitcoin Tool

Bitcoin Tool lets you create Bitcoin wallet, send Bitcoin and see all your transactions.  

– Bitcoin Tool saves only one wallet address at a time and don’t saves password of this wallet address. Please don’t forget your password because it can not recovered.  

– To create wallet address enter password and choose test or main system at “Wallet” section and then press on “Create Bitcoin Wallet”. A wallet address will be generated and can be used even after closing program until you delete wallet info.  

– Only if you have valid wallet address you can use other sections.  

– If you don’t choose test system the transaction will be done on main system of Bitcoin.  

– After entering recipient address, amount to send and desired transaction fee press “Send” button to proceed your transaction.  

– You can also see your transaction information on bottom of section.  

– See all your transactions of your current wallet with transaction IDs and transaction amount.

– Negative values indicates that Bitcoin was sent.

PGP Tool —
Data Analysis Tool —

Data Analysis Tool

This tool is for 2D measurement data or data prepared with 2 columns. After loading the * .xlsx file you record or prepared with 2 columns, you can examine your data graphically. You can save graphs as image file. Data analysis can give frequency spectrum of second column by clicking “DFT” (discrete Fourier transform) or “FFT” (fast fourier transform). Sampling rate input belogs to this transforms. By clicking “Statistics” button you can get histogram, polynomial least squares equation and other info of second column.This tool also saves loaded data as *.csv or *.mdb file for further data processing.

Predictive Analytics Tool —
Web Automation Tool —

Web Automation Tool

Web Automation Tool have 3 main features: 

A) Web Scraper 

  • 1) Load list (*.xlsx file) of websites or enter websites manual to search in their content. 
  • 2) Enter text to search. (Please pay attention to new lines and/or spaces between words) 
  • 3) Run automated search. 

B) Simulate website navigation and/or share your simulated navigation for example to present your web application 

C) Generate Visits to Various Websites 

  • 1) Load list (*.xlsx file) of websites to be visited or enter websites manual. 
  • 2) Enter how many times the list should be repeated. 
  • 3) Run automated visits.

This is a windows desktop applicaiton, which has 3 main features. It can search a given text on webpage list loaded​ from Excel file (Web Scraper​). It can generate visits to webpages on a list loaded​ from Excel file​. It can also run JavaScript on webpages and simulate webpage navigation. Each navigation step can run different JavaScript. Last feature can be used for webpage testing and webpage navigation demonstration etc.

Barcode Edit —
Mifare Classic Tool —
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